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The Idea

In a time where family and friends are spread across the world, live streaming a funeral to loved one's has become increasingly meaningful and important. Eagars wanted a website where they could take tributes for those that had passed and stream their funeral service to family and friends.

The Solution

We created a fully automated system when given a time no matter haw far in advance, would schedule a live stream to take place. It was important that funeral directors were not pulled aside to get a stream up and running, nor was it feasible to have streaming resources running 24/7 waiting for the moment a stream might start. The solution in a nutshell... this system will spin up streaming servers that would encode live video on the fly for any device and at a range of resolutions to adapt to the viewers internet speed. The system will scale to meet any demand without slowing or negatively effecting the stream quality. It would then automatically record the video and make it available on demand to view after the funeral service. Once all is done the system will shutdown the streaming servers and release the resources ready for next time. All funerals have a range of security and privacy settings to meet family wishes.

  • Client: Eagars Funeral Services
  • Date: 1 Dec 2017
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