Measuring Water Usage

  • Measuring Water Usage  198

The Problem:

Spanning over a large area, water usage from fifty or so well's needed to be analysed for compliance and to see what was being used, where it was coming from and who it was by. Huge amounts of data is being recorded but it was a manual process to take each data feed and compile it into something meaningful. This meant the organisation was reliant on someone being able to make sense of the data and important dicisions could only be made after a report was created.

The Solution:

A webapp was created to tap into these data feeds and create charts, graphs, tables, and reports in next to real time. Trends could be identified and forecasting put in place so users now have access to all the information when ever it is required. Now that there was an automated tool to make sense of this data, high usage warnings could be triggered ot alert administrators of overuse or a possible issue.


  • Client: AgFirst
  • Date: 1 Aug 2017