Automation where there was none

  • Automation where there was none 175

In this case study we have a client that provides a digital product that is sold via affiliate websites such as Expedia. The product was often purchased to be used by a customer then and there, so real time delivery is essential! For the customer to use the product an email had to be sent with an unique expiring link to download the file and this could happen at any time of night as most customers make purchases while overseas.

At the time there was no way to check for new orders and no way to integrate with the affiliate systems to send the link to the customer. Staff members were required to keep an eye on emails and manually send the link day and night!

We got creative and built a light weight nodejs app to completely automate the process. This automated app checks for incoming emails in real time, reads the content,  interprets the email, automatically generates a unique link for the ordered product and sends it off to the customer to download within seconds.

  • Date: 1 Feb 2017