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The Idea

Create new website for Dunstall's Funeral Services that could stream the funeral services live for family members that could not make it.

The Challenge

We wanted to create a fully automated system so Dunstall's could just set the time of a funeral and the camera's would automatically start streaming to the website. We also wanted to create a very flexible system so funeral options and privacy rules could be set exactly how the families wanted.

The Solution

We created a custom built system powered by Cfox that could: handle scheduled jobs, communicate with the cameras and bring them online, automatically bring media servers online to handle the scalability demands of online streaming, and hook everything up ready to go live on the website. As it turned out, this was just the surface. We created a full funeral manager so tributes could be left online, on-demand video could be viewed, notices could be uploaded, and to allow for future features.

About Dunstall's Funeral Services

For more than a century, Dunstall's have been helping families in our community during their time of loss. Together with the family, Dunstall's create a special and unique funeral experience to farewell your loved one, in the way that reflects their wishes and your family’s traditions.

  • Client: Dunstall's Funeral Services
  • Date: 1 May 2013
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