Funeral Stream Case Study

Developing a software platform for the funeral industry

Richard Martin, owner of Eagars Funerals, is leader when it comes to using technology in the funeral industry and strives to continuously innovate and create meaningful experiences for his clients’.

We have worked with Eagars Funerals for many years originally developing a bespoke website capable of automating the live streaming of funeral services and frequently discussing new ideas and developing new features to improve online experiences.

This partnership set the scene and Funeral Stream was conceived. Richard had the idea to take this technology to a new level and create a complete funeral service platform for the industry and on a global scale.


The Story of Funeral Stream

The Te Henui chapel at Eagars Funerals is probably one of the most advanced venues for funeral services in the country. With its modern interior, beautiful scenic setting, a large rotating screen, multiple cameras, and an advanced media system, it set a high standard for the original website to live up to and bring that same experience to its online audience.

We had previously developed solutions capable of fully automating scheduling and live streaming funeral services online which grabbed the attention of Richard and so the relationship began many years ago.

Richard would talk frequently with our team exploring new ideas and implementing new, more advanced features on their website. Eagars were setting the benchmark for technology in the funeral industry especially when it came to bringing a funeral to an online audience. This eventually sparked the idea for the Funeral Stream platform that is set to revolutionise the funeral industry!

Funeral Stream is platform that allows any funeral home to bring the online experience Eagars has to their own website. By Simply coping two lines of any funeral home can instantly have funeral services, tributes, videos, live streaming on their own website.


The Challenge

Funeral Stream has been developed as a full-scale SaaS platform so as one would expect, all the usual account management, user management and monthly subscriptions services have been built into the software.

The exciting challenges we faced was to develop a scalable platform that was complex and resource intensive behind the scenes automating streaming servers, recording, and transcoding live streams while keeping it very simple for the end user, flexible to cater to different service requirements, and reliable as possible – no funeral director wants to be trouble shooting a live stream in the middle of a service.

Funeral directors need a platform to “just work”. Simply schedule a funeral and have it shown on their website. The live stream should start and record with no intervention and have everything run on their website in a completely seamless fashion.

The Funeral Stream system should easily fit in with any funeral home whether they have an advanced setup like Eagars or simply stream a service from a mobile device.

The embedding of Funeral Stream on website was a key component to master. We didn’t want to use iframes or any method that made it obvious the content was coming from somewhere else. It had to look like it was a true part of the website and for funeral homes, it had to super simple for drop into their website.

See an example of the Funeral Stream running below

The Result

Funeral Stream is a new platform but already the feedback and desire from funeral homes to get on board is overwhelming. It has been endorsed by the FDANZ and has attracted attention from around the country and overseas. The ‘New Ideas’ list keeps on growing and the innovation keeps on going. Funeral Stream has an exciting future and is the next big thing in the funeral industry. We look forward to continue developing and supporting Funeral Stream.

Webfox testimonial by Richard Martin

“The team at Webfox are outstanding. They listen, they understand and they execute. The greater the challenge, the better they respond. I have no hesitation in recommending Webfox for your digital project.”

Richard Martin - Funeral Stream

Funeral Stream in action

Below is an embed from a Funeral Stream demo account and although it looks like its a part our own Webfox website, the content is generated from Fuenral Stream.

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