Who we are

At Webfox we create bespoke cloud-based software solutions using the latest technologies. We have big agency capabilities with small agency service. We take a personal approach to get to know who you are and how your business operates or your idea should work, then our software solutions are tailored specifically for you. 

We won't make your head spin with all that developer jargon. Because, even though we're mostly made up of passionate developers, we're sociable creatures too, and we like to communicate with the rest of the world in a language everyone can understand. Any dialect of English will do.

But don't get us wrong, we are most def geeks and proud of it. So amongst ourselves geek-speak is the language of choice as we chatter away to all hours in order to keep up with the latest techniques and technology so we can put them into practice to deliver the latest and greatest websites for our clients.

Our end goal is to create software that is powerful, easy to use, and enjoyable for you, our clients, to use. And all throughout the process we'll keep you closely involved in the design and development process so you can give us feedback as we go, to arrive at a result that ticks all the boxes.

Our team

James Simmonds

James / Director & Developer

James wears many hats but the favourite part of his job is meeting clients and coming up with solutions to suit their requirements. He has a software engineering background, which means a comprehensive understanding of what needs to go on behind the scenes. Feel free to pick his brain about everything web when you chat with him about your website.

Alexis Simmonds

Alexis / Studio Manager

Alexis is our Studio Manager in charge of traffic control. Creating workflow structures, coordinating schedules, and collaborating with the team.  She's created and sold online e-commerce stores, created online courses, and stays upskilled in digital marketing. 


Matthew Hailwood

Matthew / Lead Developer

Matt's our lead developer and is kind of like a Google robot. As per the Pied Piper, other developers come from miles around to jQuery Matt about everything web. We can ask him just about anything digital and he'll probably know but sometimes he speaks in a geek language even we don't understand.  He does promise not to speak in binary with clients. You're awesome Mr Hailwood.

Derek Kaijser

Derek / Web Developer

Derek is true Jack of all trades in the development world. He is a natural born problem solver that applies his talent to all areas of web development.

Surya Van Lierde

Surya / Web Developer

Surya (in red), is a skilled and creative Web Developer, with more than 14 years of experience in designing and developing applications across multiple platforms using modern industry-adopted languages and frameworks.