We do basic websites, e-commerce sites, custom software solutions, content management systems, actually... everything web. We offer a 'turnkey' digital service taking projects from liaison and the initial concept right through development and then onto go-live. Then we stay by your side to help with new ideas and planning, design and development, hosting and marketing, and all your other future online requirements.


Mobile & Responsive Web Design

From Androids and iPhones to tablets and netbooks, to laptops and 27" Apple LED Cinema Displays (mmm...), all our websites are created with responsive web design. What does that mean? It means your website will be optimised for most devices at any screen size. No more of that annoying pinch zooming in and out, labour-some horizontal scrolling, or squinting at microscopic text. Responsive website design, the future of website design.


Website Hosting, Email & Domains

Website hosting, email setup, domain name registrations, virtual private servers (VPS), content delivery networks (CDN), dedicated servers, live and ondemand video streaming, the list goes on and on. If you don't know what any of this means, don't worry because we do. We take care of everything web. And if you want to offer any of these services to your clients then we also have great reseller options.


Mobile Apps

Lets face it, we live in an inpatient world where we want everything yesterday. And with a staggering 77% of the world now using portable devices to access the web, you'd have to be nuts not to be thinking of doing business via mobile. But hang about, what is a mobile app? Mobile apps are Internet applications that run on smart-phones and other mobile devices, connecting the user to Internet services more commonly accessed on desktop or laptop computers.


Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

SEO is the process of improving the visibility of your website in Google search by gearing content and coding toward determining what people type in when they’re trying to find your site. Good SEO means more visits to your site.


Website Copywriting

Copywriting is one of the most important components of your website's content and should be carefully considered. Ask us about having your copy crafted by a professional wordsmith and you'll get a website packed with articulate, well-written copy that clearly communicates the goals and objectives of your business and its products and services.


Your Own Web Designers

If you're a website owner that really wants a 'go to' developer or you require first class support then we have a deal for you! We'll create a plan which means we'll reserve a set number of hours per month for a developer to service your website and online requirements. There are no contracts and we can change the hours to suit as we go.


Email Marketing

Get your products and services out there by accurately targeting your core audience. We provide a full email marketing service hooked into your website stats so you can watch your subscriber list grow and grow! All you need to do is tell us what you want to say then we'll help you set up the email before you hit the send button!


Custom Cloud Solutions

Join the digital 'evolution' by sending your computer systems up into the cloud. We can create new solutions or work with existing systems to build cloud-based software for your business. Just imagine having full access and control over your systems and information from anywhere in the world, 24-7-365. You'll be able to keep all your data in sync with your website and staff members' devices, and everything will be securely backed up somewhere up there, in the cloud!


Digital Reseller Services

Are you are digital agency, marketing agency, or a graphic designer? We specialise in 'behind the scenes' developing whereby we can act as your in-house development team handling all your web work, hosting and other digital requirements on a project-by-project basis. For information see our resellers page or get in touch by clicking right here.


Live Streaming

With our Live Streaming service one or more cameras can be set up anywhere to record whatever to then be broadcast to wherever, via a live video feed on your website. How cool is that! This means if there's an important event (rugby game), a momentous occasion (wedding), or something more serious (business conference) going on, and there are people who need to attend who just happen to be elsewhere on Earth, they can still be there in an online virtual sense.


SMS Text Message Website Integration

SMS integration allows a website to send automated text messages alerting subscribers to take some form of action. For instance, an accountant might want to send scheduled text messages to their clients as reminders for GST due dates. The recipient can then reply to the text message, and these can then be recorded in a database on the accountant's website and actioned accordingly, either immediately or at a later date.